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ACArts and CraftPhotos of visual and other art forms by Filipino artists
ARArchitecturePhotos of habitable structure, such as houses, public buildings, forts and the like.
CECelebrations and ObservancesPhotos of fiestas and festivals, rites and rituals, custom and manner.
CHChurches and Church ArtPhotos of churches, including church objects, patios, parish convents and cemeteries all over the Philippines.
CLClothing and AdormentsPhotos foregrounding articles which clothe or adorn the body, including everyday wear, costumes, and accessories.
FIFilipinas Circa --Period photos of various aspects of Philippine life.
FPForeign ProfilesPhotos of non-Filipino personages in various fields.
GEGeographicalPhotos highlighting landmarks, sights, and places of interest in various provinces and cities, including land and water forms, such as mountains, rivers, and the like.
HIHistorical FilePhotos of milestones, chapters, and events in Philippine history.
INIndustriesPhotos on the production or manufacture of something by hand or machine; also photos of products.
MEMemorialPhotos of monuments, markers, and other structures commemorating a person or an event.
PAPlant and Animal LifePhotos of plants, leaves, flowers, and fruits of various classes; photos of animals of various classes.
PEPeoplesPhotos of the peoples of the Philippines--indigenous, Christianized, and Muslim-influenced--and their material culture.
PPPhilippine ProfilePhotos of Filipino men and women in various fields of endeavor.
PWPublic Works and FacilitiesPhotos of structures built for public use--e.g., roads, bridges, and similar structures.
REReligious ImagesPhotos of likenesses of religious personages.
SCSpecial CollectionsSets of photos of special interest or from a common source.
SSSpecial SubjectsAll other photos.

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