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The choice of technology to use in the project was based on availability rather than on our bias towards a particular piece of software or hardware. Sometime in 1998 there was a Memorandum of Agreement signed between the Filipinas Heritage Library and Microsoft Philippines for the free use of selected products in the Library. Thus, our original decision was to use MS SQL Server for our database and IIS for our web server on an HP machine.

We created a customized application to access the database internally. On the Internet, the database can be accessed through ASP-based web pages calling VB components developed by our technology partner in 1999, eMerge Technologies. The web site design was created by Joan Bereber.

Scanning of the materials is done in the library using HP scanners. Materials are scanned at 300 to 600 dpi. These are then cropped to remove unwanted portions at the edges, after which they are watermarked. We do not use the expensive invisible watermarking technology. We only use a visible but subdued watermark of the library's logo superimposed usually on the lower right portion of the image. The digital images are recomposed at 72 dpi and resized to thumbnails for faster downloading on the Internet. The original large-sized digital images are stored in compact disks. Only the 72-dpi thumbnail images are accessible on the Internet. For our purposes, we use Adobe Photoshop.

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